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If foxes have become a nuisance or causing you problems you need us


Foxes cause a mess in your garden spread disease, If you have pets they are at risk, they carry tics and fleas and mange. If your dog gets mange the vet bills will mount up not to mention the distress the poor pooch will suffer Foxes can be a real danger to small children. Their mess can cause blindness.

  Fox attacks have been in the media recently as these pests become more used to humans. In the latest attack seven penguins were killed in a zoo.


What we do

We deal with the problem in a professional humane way, our traps are large giving room for the fox to move.  Fully insured and discreet. We can also assist with pigeons and rabbits. You will not find a cheaper service. On arrival we contact the police and inform them that we are running a fox control operation. A silenced small calibre rifle is used to despatch the fox. Risk assessment is carried out at all locations. Unmarked vehicles are used on all jobs. All foxes removed from site.

Now providing squirrel removal service

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